Car Tire Repair Jack Shear Jack Remove Tire Tool Car Repair Tool


  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type: Car Jacks

Car Tire Repair Jack Shear Jack Remove Tire Tool Car Repair Tool

Product description

Product name: automotive shear type car jack

Lifting weight: 1 ton 1.5 tons 2 tons three kinds

Low height: 9.5cm

High lifting height: 38.5cm

Material: thickened high quality steel

Product category:

1 ton hand crank

1.5 ton hand crank

2 ton hand crank

1 ton wrench type

1.5 tons wrench type

2 ton wrench type


This product through the manual operation of the rotating screw into the arm of the lifting movement, has the characteristics of compact structure, easy to operate, safe to use, so widely used in cars, pickup trucks, light vehicles and other vehicle essential tools!

Can carry with the car, small and convenient. Especially frequent business trips, travel, go long distance car essential. Meet the need to change the tire or repair the tire, can be used at any time. Easy to operate. A few strokes of the hand can be used to lift the roof.

This manual jack material is made of steel, no matter the strength or fastness, it is incomparable and beyond other materials. And easy to operate, cheap and fine, worth one.

Use method and precautions

1. Stop the vehicle on the horizontal hard road before hoisting, pull the overhand brake and block the wheel, and open the danger warning sign.

2. Stop the wheel on the opposite side of the replacement tire, loosen the nut of the replacement wheel, but do not screw it off.

3. Put the handle into the screw jack and shake the handle to the right height according to the clockwise direction of the jack.

4. Place the jack under the jacking part specified by the automobile factory, turn the handle clockwise to make the jack saddle contact with the jacking part, and check whether the contact is safe and reliable

5. Then, shake the handle to jack the vehicle to the appropriate height, replace the tire and pre-tighten the nut.

Note: When using a jack to support the vehicle, it is strictly prohibited to work under the car! Safety support must be used before operation under the vehicle.

Note: Jack must not overload use!

Note: In order to ensure the normal use of the jack, please keep the jack thread pair clean and lubricated.

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