250g Car Wax Crystal Plating Set Hard Glossy Wax Layer Covering Paint Surface Coating Formula Waterproof Film Car Polish


  • Special Features: Paint Care
  • Material Type: Carnauba wax / crystal wax plating
  • Item Volume: 120g/250g
  • Item Weight: 120g/250gkg
  • External Testing Certification: ISO9000
  • Model Name: crystal wax plating
  • Item Type: Hard Wax
  • Brand Name: MIHJUSFDH
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Feature 1: polishing of covers
  • Feature 2: glossy wax layer covering polish
  • Feature 3: glossy wax layer polish
  • Feature 4: hard polish
  • Feature 5: hard wax
  • Feature 6: motorcycle wax polish
  • Feature 7: paint polish
  • Feature 8: polish
  • Feature 9: polish for car hard wax
  • Feature 10: polish for car paint
  • Feature 11: polish for cars wax
  • Feature 12: polish for the car
  • Feature 13: glossy wax
  • Feature 14: polishing polishing for car
  • Feature 15: soft car polish
  • Feature 16: wax and polish
  • Feature 17: wax and polish for cars
  • Feature 18: wax car polish
  • Feature 19: wax coating for car

Automobile crystal plating technology is adopted
In the car paint surface to form a solid adhesion maintenance layer, to avoid the common wax glossiness to maintain relatively short, fold more fruit is not obvious problems, can effectively restore the new car when the luster effect, and last for several months!
Make the car in any weather conditions, can effectively resist acid rain and air caused by severe environmental pollution to the erosion of the car paint, make the car paint lasting bright as new!
Quick construction
Lasting conservation
Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.
Do not process in high temperature paint finish (do not process when the car starts or shortly after the engine stops)
Please leaving a message before you give the bad feedback, if the products have some problems.
Thanks for your understandings

Car wash: Deep clean car surface
Waxing: Take appropriate amount of car wax with sponge, rotate evenly on the car surface and apply paint
Polishing: After waxing and standing still for 3-5 minutes, rotate the towel to wipe off

According to the car front cover → roof → left and right side door → car tail → other parts in turn to wax car paint

Package Contents:
1 Pcs Car Wax 250g
1 Pcs Sponge
1 Pcs Towel


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